Spin Cycle
by Howard Kurtz

An inside-the-beltway account of the Clinton administration's manipulation of the news media and the news media's antagonism toward Clinton and the American public. It ends before Kenneth Starr sent his report to Congress. I was hoping it would contain more dirt about Clinton. Mostly it rehashes the known allegations. It is written in vulgar language, which reflects the style of the players.


"There were plenty of sexual rumors floating around about Clinton, including one that he had put the moves on Ron Brown's daughter." (20)

Clinton sent Kathleen Willey (a former flight attendant) as a delegate to international summits in Copenhagen and Jakarta despite her lack of experience. (236)

Gore told Karen Tumulty of Time that his old Harvard friend Erich Segal had used him as the model for the romantic hero in the novel Love Story. Segal denied it.(277)

Dick Morris publicly suggested that Hillary was a lesbian. (298)

Spin Techniques

Other Observations

"Hillary insisted on attributing criticism of her health care plan to sexists who found her "threatening.""(85) She also thought "baby boomer reporters were envious of her and Bill." (85)

"The Republicans didn't expect fair treatment and were thrilled if you gave them an even break; the Dems secretly believed all journalists were liberals and got all sullen and whinny if you kicked them around." (149)

"Inside Politics ... had to justify its existence by reducing everything, even serious policy matters, to crass politics." (184)

"family-friendly issues that elite journalists snickered at were precisely the ones that resonated with ordinary people." (204)

"Washington, a company town not all that different from his native Sugarland, Texas, where everyone either worked for or was dependent on the local sugar company." (247)

"They [Bill and Hillary] were canny politicians, sure, but they truly believed in using government to help people, while the reporters were engaged in a never-ending search for ulterior motives." (248)

Year Read: 1999

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