Starship Troopers
by Robert Heinlein

Heinlein devises a plot in which the survival of the human race is at stake in a war against giant, space-traveling bugs so that he can present his militaristic philosophy in to the most favorable light. Most of the book explains the details of the training that starship mobile infantry (MI) candidates go through and the rationalizations for it. (The movie added coed training, coed nudity, and intercourse that are explicitly not in the book, which stresses how rare and beautiful it is to glimpse of a woman and that women are what the troopers are fighting ultimately for.)

Heinlein has his mouthpieces explicitly reject the concepts of natural rights, the moral sense, and altruism. They advocate a Hobbesian world-view in which the state is the source of all rights and duties, the survival of the species is the ultimate value, and, strangely, self-interest is the only natural motive the individual human being has. It is an evil philosophy, masterfully presented. It won a Hugo Award.

Year Read: 2001

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