The Tery
by F. Paul Wilson

A prequil to Healer. Steve Dalt plays a supporting role at the end. The central character is the Tery, who is an ape-like creature but actually made from human genes. All terys and all people with telepathic ability are being slaughtered by the army of the feudal lord. The Tery sees his parents killed and is left for dead. The Dalt character, who is going by the name Tlad, finds the Tery and tells the telepaths who are hiding in the woods. A girl tends to the Teryís wounds and adopts him as her pet. They donít realize the Tery can speak and understand what they say. The Tery plays dumb and falls in love with the girl. She is betrayed by on of the telapaths and taken prisoner because she had the ability to detect telepaths who have not come out of the closet. The lord intends to use her. The Tery and one of leaders of the telapaths rescue the girl. The Tery and Dalt try to detonate the stash of bombs hidden beneath the lordís fortress. There is a firy end.

Year Read: 2001

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