To Tame a Land
by Louis LíAmour

A western novel told by Rye Tyler about his life from age 14 to 22. His father is killed by Indians. He tracks them down and kills two of them at age 14. He catches up to the wagon train that left him and his father behind and manages to get the trail boss voted out. A tough guy and a young woman befriend him. The tough guy trains him to survive in the west. The man and woman marry and the three of them settle in California. Rye kills the former trail boss and is forced to leave town and make his way alone at age 16. He gets hired to break broncos by a good man and becomes friends with the daughter. He moves on after breaking in all the horses. He returns a couple years later and learns the man he worked for was murdered and their ranch was robbed and the manís wife died and the daughter is gone. He becomes a marshal and starts to look for his old girlfriend. It is a good story.

Year Read: 2004

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