The Triumph of Evolution
by Niles Eldredge

An assault on all those who question the everlasting truth of blind biological evolution of species. He holds all such people in contempt. He does not take their arguments seriously, so he does not devote much space to defending the theory of evolution. Rather he ascribes dishonest motives to the heretics, lumps them all together as Bible-thumping creationists, and insults their intelligence over and over again. He is snooty, derisive, and intolerant.

He defends the imposition of his views on public school children while characterizing any dissent from his fascism as unconstitutional. This is the most hate filled book that I have read in years.

In so far as he bothers to argue for evolution he does so by simply asserting that it is a proven fact and inserting various forms of the word evolution wherever possible, as if repeating it often enough will make it true. The strongest evidence that he offers for evolution is that the older fossils are of simpler species than the newer fossils, which is what the theory predicts.

He fails to comprehend the magnitude of the problem that the fossil record shows each species fully formed with no record of gradual transition from other species. He doesn’t deal with the problem of irreducible complexity other than to cast aspersions on the honesty and intelligence of those who bring it up.

The literature of those who question macroevolution, even the literature that is openly based on religious fervor, is not nearly as doctrinaire and prejudiced as this book.

Year Read: 2011

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