Unlimited Access
by Gary Aldrich

The FBI agent responsible for conducting security interviews of White House employees during the Clinton administration reports that Hillary was in charge of all hiring decisions as well as domestic policy as a result of a deal made during the campaign to keep her on board when the Jennifer Flowers story broke.

Hillary is a witch. She is mean, vindictive, self-centered, disrespectful, rude, and profane. The people she brought in to be White House staff were immature, disrespectful, sloppy, rude, profane, and uncooperative. They would not fill out the forms needed to begin their security-clearance investigations nor would they cooperate by keeping appointments for interviews, answering their telephones, or responding to messages.

The permanent White House staff members who had worked under previous Democrat and Republican administrations were appalled by the people that Hillary brought in. Many of the old timers quit or retired early because the atmosphere was so bad under the Clintons. Others were simply fired by Hillary on trumped-up charges in order to make room for her friends from Arkansas or the campaign.

Year Read: 1998

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