Washington’s General
by Terry Golway

A good biography of Nathaniel Greene. It makes clear what virtues and faults Greene had. Greene was diligent, intelligent, loyal, honest, patriotic, brave, organized, methodical, and in love with his flirtatious young wife. He worshipped Washington and named his son after him and named a daughter after Martha. He was a great strategist. He understood the big picture. He planned his escape routes carefully. He cared about the material welfare of his troops and worked hard to get provisions for them.

He was not a good tactician. He kept repeating Morgan’s tactics from the battle at Cowpens, but without success. He was lucky to have Francis Marion, Daniel Morgan, William Washington, Harry Lee, and Thadeus Kosciusco working for him in the southern theater. He was easily upset by criticism. He was vain. He sought praise and glory. He was a Federalist. He bought slaves after the war.

Year Read: 2011

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