by Dean Koontz

A sci-fi novel told by God about defense projects gone wrong and the government’s attempt to cover them up. A golden retriever is genetically created with human intelligence, and a new creature is created from baboons and other genetic material to be a battlefield killer. They escape from the research lab. The dog hooks up with a hiker in the California wilderness and is taken to his home. The killing monster is determined to find and kill the dog. In addition to government agents and their killing monster, a Mafia hitman also wants the dog. The man with the dog means well, but he is a klutz when the chips are down. Fortunately, he meets a woman who becomes his girlfriend, and she functions well under pressure and, along with the dog, saves them time after time.

It is a love story, a dog story, a people vs. government story, and a thriller all in one.

Year Read: 2005

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