Were We Controlled?
by Lincoln Lawrence

A far-fetched theory about the conspiracy to assassinate JFK: Oswald and Jack Ruby and others were controlled by a secret group of conspirators by means of Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) and Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM). Oswald had a button-sized radio implanted in his head. He and Ruby and a salad-oil magnate named Tino De Angelis were hypnotized and given post-hypnotic suggestions, which may have been reinforced periodically and ultimately triggered by radio signals or voice commands. Lurking in the background are neo-Nazis who have pioneered mind-control research. The motive of the actual conspirators was not political. It was economic. They caused Tino De Angelis to ruin his business and set it up so that on the day of the assassination (whose only purpose was to drive the market down) the group could make a quick profit of a half-billion dollars.

The author is alleged to have been a network TV newscaster (under his real name). The rumor is alleged to have been widely circulated around Wall Street. The author is convinced that the rumor is true, but he offers no evidence. He admits that his book only presents the theory. He hopes it will inspire others to dig for further evidence.

Year Read: 1985

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