What Falls Away
by Mia Farrow

Her memoir. A page turner. She grew up in Hollywood and lived among celebrities all her life. Her mother is Murine O’Sullivan, who was Jane in 4 Tarzan movies with Johnny Weismuller and who starred in many other movies and Broadway plays. Her father was an Oscar-winning screenwriter and director. As a child she met John Wayne, Charles Boyer, and many other Hollywood celebrities at parties given in her home by her parents. Her friends included Salvador Dali (who she met in an elevator), Yul Brenner, Michael Caine, Vladimir Horowitz, the Beatles, Sharon Tate, Nancy Sinatra, Lawrence Oliver, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Bette Davis. She worked with and was friendly with many movie stars, directors, and producers such as Roman Polanski, Dusten Hoffman, Liam Nielson, Rosaline Russel.

She had no chance to learn what normal people are like. She is surprisingly literate for an air head. She is a voracious reader. She was trained by nuns in private schools and emerged as a religious slut. The church’s teachings about sex and marriage had no impact on her conscience. She is motivated by her emotions only. Fortunately, she has a deep love for children and animals, which caused her to adopt a dozen children, some of them with severe disabilities, and to provide them with a good upbringing and happy lives.

She married Frank Sinatra at 19 without having heard him sing or seen any of his movies and without realizing how famous and powerful he was. Sinatra had already married and divorced Ava Gardner, who previously had an affair with Mia’s father. She went to India with her sister to practice meditation with the same guru that the Beatles followed. She met the Beatles and Donovan there. She left when the guru groped her.

She married Andre Previn as soon as he got divorced from Dory, and she had a 12-year affair with Woody Allen after Previn divorced her. She was not a gold digger. She took no alimony from her ex-husbands and only a reasonable amount of child support from Previn, who paid willingly.

She remained friends with Sinatra and Previn, but not with Woody Allen who treated her very badly and raped two of her adopted daughters and sued her to take away two of her kids. She won the judgment and the appeals and Allen had to pay the court costs for his frivolous suit. Allen was rightly and officially judged to be an unfit parent and a rotten, selfish, immature human being.

Year Read: 2004

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